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” Patrick, the more talkative and animated of the two, quips, “Aiii bwana!If I bring this up my wife will wonder what I’m trying to say!While men sat at individual tables, women rotated from table to table in five to seven minute intervals, introducing themselves and chatting a little before moving on.(Erin Gallagher, Daily Southtown) Dozens of Southtown seniors, who came of age in an era when asking someone out was a long and formal process, got together Thursday to participate in a new-age form of matchmaking: speed dating.Patrick* and James* are both married and in their late 50s.

Whether or not you would “swipe right” on someone based on their looks only made the game harder. You can follow the link at the bottom of each article, or you can view all comments threads on the bbs.We also have forums where you can post your own topics. We here at the Daily Stormer are opposed to violence.Really without a choice, our dating lives have become simply that.Long gone are the days where you would sit by the phone waiting for your “crush” to call, or waiting by the locker to see them walk by.

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