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The territory of Gobustan is cut up with numerous, sometimes rather deep ravines (in Azerbaijani: ).

That is a suggested origin of the Gobustan geographical name.

Catania in Sicily (Italy) is the place where this recommendable early 20th century Italian violin originates from: The Sicilian town belonging to the Val de Noto.

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Included in the price is a certificate of authenticity by Munich expert Christian Lijsen. Only then, I would argue, could we make music as we understand it today.Like language, music itself leaves no traces and can only be studied indirectly through the material remains of musical behaviours, but archaeological finds of musical instruments prove beyond doubt that was making music towards the end of the Paleolithic.) officially Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape is a hill and mountain site occupying the southeast ending of the Big Caucasian Ridge, mainly in the basin of Jeyrankechmaz River, between the rivers Pirsagat and Sumgait.It is located west of the settlement of Gobustan, about 40 miles (64 km) southwest of the centre of Baku on the west bank of the Caspian Sea.

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