Amy winehouse and noel fielding dating

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The two men had been to a party and had not slept, after Mr Fielding performed a gig at the 100 Club and met up with Mr Browne at the Hawley Arms pub.

Russell Brand has admitted that he still feels there is "something [he] could have done" to prevent the death of Amy Winehouse after learning how to fight his constant temptation to take drink and drugs.

Noel Fielding isn’t sure when the whole celebrity rock’n’roll comedian thing got out of hand.

It may have been the time he was in a hotel room with Courtney Love and a few others and Pete Doherty burst in, placed a top hat full of kittens on the floor and ran out.

The High Court was told he had been a very fit man who used to enjoy fencing, skydiving and running, but his injuries left him out of work, suffering depression, a deformed right leg and sometimes wheelchair-bound.

The injury happened when Mr Fielding, who had yellow blonde-dyed hair at the time, was still wearing his stage outfit of dungarees, gold boots and a ladies’ checked jacket.

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